Personal projects
Commercial projects

On-site studio planned to hold workshops and training sessions on working with advanced equipment, programming, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TIPS, TRIZ). Visitors can get advice from the staff at FabLab instrumentation, robotics, digital manufacturing, prototyping, etc.

Visitors will be able to realize your project with the help of modern laboratory equipment. Moreover, it does not matter, it will create a new kind of robot design or art unusual Offer.
Firms shops and businesses will be able to cooperate with the FabLab and receive assistance in the manufacture of small series of products, the implementation of high-tech projects, the creation of a working prototype of the product, etc.

In the laboratory, FabLab undergraduate and graduate students will be able to get hands-on experience of independent and collaboration in the implementation of project activities; The theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of advanced computer technology rapid production. As part of its work, the laboratory contributes to the development of innovative, analytical, creative, intellectual activity of pupils and students; involvement of young people in technical colleges; the development of the educational environment.